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Absence Management is a program designed to help with human resource needs.

This program uses a software application called Absence Management (formerly Aesop).  It is an electronic system used to report and fill employee absences. Employees can create a job by using Absence Management to report an absence. The system then calls substitute in the database to fill the job openings. Substitutes can also “shop” the system for jobs via internet or telephone.

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Benefits of CIESC +
Frontline Absence Management

Cost Savings

40-60% savings on Absence Management system with CIESC, over purchasing on your own.

Free Training

$2,500 discount on software training for staff every year.

Additional Support

Access to additional support from Jennie Thompson and CIESC staff.

There are two different models for the Absence Management Program:
  1. Absence Management Usage Provides the opportunity to use the program at a discounted rate
  2. Subcaller Receive the use of Absence Management, along with Sub Caller
 Helpful Information
  • Substitutes can use the system 24/7 to look for future jobs
  • Absences may be entered into the system several months in advance, 24/7
  • Absence Management generates reports to assist administrators in absence analysis

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