Title1Crate – 806 Technologies

Title1Crate – 806 Technologies

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Description of Partnership

Indiana Title1Crate is a secure, web-based compliance management platform for collecting, organizing, and validating Title documentations required for Federal Grants and the Indiana Department of Education. It eliminates the need for physical files, crates of paperwork and filling up district servers. All LEA documentation is in one central, cloud-based location – easily accessible by district officials when needed and completely secure and protected for years. The organizational structure, number and type of required files, notifications, timelines, and users are all completely customizable to match IDOE requirements. It is straight-forward and easy to use. Title1Crate is the best way to monitor and secure documentation for compliance and be ready for audits to ensure the very best use of federal and state dollars.

Special Member Pricing

Members: $550 per crate.

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