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Tutored by Teachers

Tutored by Teachers

Description of Partnership

Tutored by Teachers (TbT) is a public benefit company providing high-dosage tutoring delivered by certified teachers in small groups virtually.  TbT is serving thousands of students across the country in districts such as Indianapolis Public Schools, Los Angeles Unified, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Gwinnett County Public Schools, and more.

Our evidence-based model consistently drives double digit gains against target standards in Math and ELA in a matter of weeks.  In our spring pilots in Indianapolis Public Schools serving more than 900 students, students improved their Math and ELA scores by as much as 26% on standards aligned assessments.  Because of this success, spotlighted by NPR and Chalkbeat, IPS is now offering our tutoring program to all IPS students for the 2022-23 school year.

TbT’s high dosage tutoring solution is highly adaptive, spanning modalities (e.g., in-school, after-school, summer school) and student populations (e.g., Tiers 2 and 3, Special Ed, English Language Learners, Homebound, high-capacity students, etc.).  Our model is based on high-quality research findings that drive the best outcomes:

  • Smart grouping of students – student groups are formed using existing assessments and performance measures to ensure similar abilities, needs, and skill gaps. Student groups meet multiple times a week with the same teacher.
  • Led by a credentialed veteran teacher – TbT programs are only taught by credentialed teachers (average classroom tenure of 12 years) with strong virtual instruction skills.
  • Live synchronous instruction – Teachers lead live, interactive, planned lessons and do not simply provide homework help, chat support, or pre-recorded sessions.
  • Ongoing training – TbT provides ongoing training and support to teachers with mentor teachers assigned to each program.
  • Data driven – TbT measures attendance, skills mastery, and student survey responses to monitor engagement and academic growth and provides real-time data dashboards to school leaders.
  • Family engagement – If permitted by the school, TbT can directly connect with parents about their student’s progress and attendance.

Special Member Pricing

Tutored by Teachers is pleased to offer a discounted price of ~$16 per student per instructional hour (with 5:1 tutor-to-student ratio) to ESC of I member districts.

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