Grant Writing and Support

Get that Grant Out the Door with Confidence!

There are a range of grants available from local, state, and national levels to support individual classrooms all the way through transforming an entire school district’s educational program. CIESC is here to provide support every step of the way from identifying which grant is the best fit for your needs through submitting a competitive grant application.

Note: We do not guarantee grant approval.

Our Grant Writing and Support Service Includes

Comprehensive Reports

Needs assessment

We will assist you in determining if a grant is in alignment with your program needs. Once that is confirmed, we will assist you with crafting a compelling statement of need that is supported by evidence.

Woman using a computer to complete a task, like a survey

Proposal creation assistance

We will provide a template, based on your specific grant’s application, to assist you in crafting the narrative of your proposal, and ensuring that all grant criteria are met.

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Grant Proposal Review

We will review your grant proposal and provide written feedback to you on how your narrative, budget, and timeline align with the grant application.

Feel prepared and ready to submit your grant with confidence! Fill out the form below or contact Dr. Christy Hilton, Director of Partnerships and Administrative Supports, at or 317.986.2349 to get started or learn more.

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