STOPit Solutions Partners with Central Indiana Educational Service Center to Deliver School Safety Solutions to Indiana Schools

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 STOPit and CIESC to Provide 24/7 Safety, Mental Health and Crisis Support for Indiana School Communities

Indianapolis, IN, May 19, 2022 – STOPit Solutions, a pioneer in safety and wellness solutions that create safer and healthier places to learn, work, and live today announced that it has partnered with Central Indiana Educational Service Center to deliver comprehensive safety and wellness solutions to Indiana schools. More than 80,000 students will implement STOPit’s Anonymous Reporting Solution (ARS), Enhanced Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), and Safety & Wellness Training Curriculum for students and staff.

“Kids thrive academically and socially when they are in healthy and safe school environments. When students are stressed, they do not learn at the same level as when they feel safe” said Parkhill Mays, CEO of STOPit Solutions. “When schools invest in our ARS, it gives students and school staff the ability to quickly gather, disseminate, and respond to information about an evolving and potentially harmful event, and provide at-risk students the help they need as well as provide additional supports.”

“All Indiana educational service centers understand today’s unique challenges facing our students and staff brought on by COVID and the growing mental health concerns that followed. The mission of service centers is to provide innovative solutions that help districts solve for the lack of available resources to address these new challenges. We accomplish this by connecting districts to a variety of educational tools and resources such as STOPit Solutions,” said Dr. Andrew Melin, Executive Director for Central Indiana Educational Service Center. “STOPit Solutions will be able to provide students and staff in Indiana districts with the additional resources they need to address these unique mental health and safety issues.” 

STOPit’s ARS includes technology and training for the entire school community to prevent, detect, and contain risk. At-risk students are identified so they can get the help they need, and when a student is on a pathway to violence, intervention can save lives. Combined with STOPit’s SEL, Safety and Wellness Curriculum, schools can:

  • Prevent: Foster students’ personal growth, resilience, and protection of themselves and others. Train students in social and emotional learning, instill a safety mindset, and provide trauma-informed care knowledge. 
  • Detect: Train internal and external members of the school community to review and assess the level of risk an individual may be to themselves or others—then develop a plan to protect the individual and possible targets. 
  • Contain: Save lives by leveraging an alert system that instantly informs and requests help from staff and/or 911 for any emergency or non-emergency issue. Enable faster responses, more effective actions, and better outcomes when time is of the essence.
  • Train:  Work with students in SEL, safety, and trauma-informed care to foster personal growth, resilience, and protection of self and others. 

K-12 schools are responsible for ensuring a safe learning environment that promotes the physical, social, and emotional well-being of all students, teachers, and staff. It is critical to be aware of and take the necessary steps to prevent and address the range of issues that may harm individuals, groups, or the school community as a whole. STOPit enables a community to work together to help at-risk students and create a safe and healthy school environment.

To learn more about STOPit’s Anonymous Reporting System and SEL Curriculum, please:

About Central Indiana Educational Service Center: Central Indiana Educational Service Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit providing free and at-cost educational programs throughout central Indiana and beyond. Last year CIESC served over 180 schools and organizations to provide a better educational experience to over 150,000 children.

With our comprehensive services, we allow organizations to function at the lowest possible cost while maintaining the highest possible quality. CIESC programs include a number of collaborative ventures with other organizations and non-profits to improve the learning process.

About STOPit Solutions: STOPit Solutions is the leading provider of safety & wellness solutions that help protect the physical, social, and emotional well-being of millions of students, employees, and citizens throughout the United States and abroad. STOPit provides over 7,000 schools, workplaces, and communities award-winning technology-based solutions that help intervene on safety and well-being concerns, respond and mitigate critical incidents, and educate individuals on personal safety & wellness. As a result, STOPit has been able to save and change the lives of millions while creating safer and healthier places to learn, work, and live. Visit stopitsolutions.com to learn more.

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