The quality of tools art teachers utilize to teach their students can have a direct impact on learning and artistic output. Scott Miller, an elementary art educator, saw a need for a better sketchbook for the students in his classroom and took it upon himself to create Art Guru to get quality, customized sketchbooks into the hands of students and artists. 

CIESC is partnering with Scott and Art Guru to provide sketchbooks to our members at a special rate. With Art Guru, you can adapt your sketchbook to different teaching styles and course methods. You tell Art Guru what you need, and they can make it happen. Art Guru can adjust your customized sketchbook’s:

  • Size
  • Rubric
  • Format

There are numerous creative possibilities. If you need a smaller size to act as a nature journal, Art Guru can do that. If you want to include your syllabus, they can make it happen. 

You can have everything you need in one quality sketchbook. All of their books use 70 lb vellum and have sturdy front and back covers. 

Art Guru also offers the Studio Sketchbook, which includes: 

  • Outlines for reflection
  • Planning pages
  • Artist statement pages
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As an added benefit, Art Guru’s custom sketchbooks are cost-effective and count as a textbook without hitting the consumable budget.

Support your art classrooms by providing a sketchbook tailored to teachers’ specifications and their students’ needs. Art Guru provides the pages, and your students fill it with their hard work and personal masterpieces. 

Contact Art Guru today for access to high-quality, customized, and cost-effective sketchbooks for your classroom. 

Get in touch with Art Guru today!

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