CIESC Receives $4.8 Million in Grants From Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund

As a collaborative effort to address the unique needs due to extended periods away from classroom instruction caused by COVID-19 in rural LEAs, the Central Indiana Education Service Center (CIESC) and the Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL) at the University of Indianapolis were awarded nearly $4.9 million to support device availability, internet connectivity and educator development across 30 Hoosier school districts over the next two years.   

The grant from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund is targeted for PK-12 schools and Higher Education to ensure improved readiness for future remote learning needs. Grant funding will provide over $2.9 million to 22 districts throughout the state for both connectivity and devices. 

Another $1.5 million has been designated to enhance educators’ capacity to provide engaging and effective online instruction in 30 grant-funded districts. CIESC is leading the educator capacity component of the grant in partnership with all Indiana’s educational service centers (ESCs). Grant funding will provide:

  1. Three train-the-trainer workshops for educators in digital learning, digital leadership, social-emotional learning.
  2. Funding support to all nine of Indiana’s ESCs designated to support the digital learning needs of each of the grant-funded districts in their respective regions.
  3. Funding for Keep Indiana Learning (KInL), a web-based resource for digital learning, professional development, and resources, created by CIESC and supported by the other Indiana ESCs to not only benefit the 30 grant-funded districts, but to also support all Indiana educators, students, and families.
  4. Each grant-funded district with 40 enrollments for students to take online coursework through Indiana Online, a department of CIESC, and one of the largest online supplemental high school course providers in the state.

“We are excited about our partnership with CELL and our eight other educational service center colleagues to provide professional development and networking support to educators during this unprecedented time in American education,” said CIESC Executive Director Andrew Melin.  “Not only do educators need to make sure families have access to the internet and to devices, but it is also essential all Indiana educators are provided the professional development and support they need to deliver their content to students utilizing digital learning resources.

About CIESC:

The Central Indiana Educational Service Center (CIESC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides free and at-cost educational programs throughout central Indiana to teachers, administrators, educators, and students. We have served over 180 schools and organizations to provide a better educational experience to more than 150,000 children.

With our vast services, we allow organizations to function at the lowest possible cost while maintaining the highest possible quality. CIESC programs include a number of collaborative ventures with other organizations and non-profits to improve the learning process. We are committed to providing innovative programs and exceptional services that engage students and staff.

About Keep Indiana Learning:

Keep Indiana Learning (KInL) provides educators with an empowering and collaborative network that will transform teaching and learning resulting in relevant, engaging, and equitable learning opportunities for all students. KInL provides resources and best practices where educators, families, and students can connect and learn from peers across the state. 

Our website is designed to provide interactive, on-demand, professional development for leaders, educators, student service professionals, families, students, and community partners across the state of Indiana. KInL desires to not only provide resources and best practices in our profession but also create a space where educators can connect and learn from peers across the state. 

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