Coop Purchasing Distributes Masks and Hand Sanitizer

Coop Distributes
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Coop Purchasing has been coordinating the distribution of a large order of masks and sanitizing products to schools around the state. When Coop had the opportunity to facilitate orders through vendors, we sent word to CIESC member schools and other Educational Service Centers to preorder what they needed.  

Coop Purchasing is helping distribute 188 cases of 2000 masks each and numerous 55-gallon drums of hand sanitizer. One township’s order of hand sanitizer and disinfectant arrived on a semi-truck, and they estimate that their schools will collectively go through 80 gallons of hand sanitizer per day.   

Some Coop Purchasing staff have even been personally diving around to different districts to make sure they get what they need. A huge thank you to those at Coop Purchasing for helping keep our schools and students safe.

If your school or district is in need of masks or hand sanitizer, please contact Barney Summers at summersb@ciesc.org.

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One of six skids of masks

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