Description of Partnership

BehaviorFlip’s software is designed to improve communication about behavior, offer transparency to students, parents, and teachers about behavioral information, and keep kids where they belong – in school! BehaviorFlip supports keeping students in school, which will give opportunities for better academic performance, increase the chance of developing good social skills, and keeping kids in a safe space during the school day. The program offers a space to track and manage “minor” behaviors that hinder student success, while also logging data to bring awareness about disproportionality and reduce the number of school referrals, suspensions, and expulsions. 

What Sets BehaviorFlip Apart? 

BehaviorFlip offers dozens of customizable features; this flexibility makes the system work for every building level (primary / secondary), every type of school community (urban / suburban / rural), and every school setting (traditional / alternative). Schools can customize the behaviors tracked, the interventions, consequences, referral system, and additional student support buttons.

BehaviorFlip is more than just “carrots and sticks.” BehaviorFlip is intuitive and dynamic in offering power to stakeholders who typically do not have the chance in a traditional behavior management system. Teachers have the power to hold interventions and issue consequences in situations. Students have the power to “Repair the Harm,” an actionable way to attempt an actionable fix to a harmful behavior; when students do repair the harm, BehaviorFlip will acknowledge that within the system and remove the associated weight of the behavior.

What Else? 

  • BehaviorFlip has both desktop and mobile app versions, making it easy to log events and receive notifications.
  • BehaviorFlip offers accounts to all stakeholders, including administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Aides, paraprofessionals, and other support staff can also have accounts!
  • BehaviorFlip offers auto-rostering support options via ClassLink and Clever.
  • BehaviorFlip displays data and sends notifications in real time.
  • BehaviorFlip offers multiple professional development and training program options, activities to support teachers, administrators, and students, as well as 24/7 customer support.

Special Member Pricing

50% off Restorative Plus subscriptions, excluding shipping/installation.*

(*$500 program minimum)

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