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Driver Ed Main

Indiana Online Main

Business & Administrative Staff

Michelle Smith headshot
Michelle Smith


Felisia OBold headshot
Felisia O'Bold

Business Manager Support Services

Mary Freeman headshot
Mary Freeman

Executive Assistant

Jennie Thompson
Jennie Thompson

HR Coordinator

Indiana Online

Ronda Eshleman Headshot
Ronda Eshleman

Executive Director

Kim Hendrick headshot
Kim Hendrick

Director of Innovation

Mary Barbson
Mary Brabson

Program Coordinator

Laura Garmire

Instructional Design & Curriculum Coordinator

Dr. Taunya Kline

eLearning Manager

Christine Derda headshot
Christine Derda

Business and Accounts Manager

Chrissy Balack headshot
Christine Balak

Student Resource Coordinator

Phyllis Canady headshot
Phyllis Canady

Administrative Assistant

Scott Cox headshot
Scott Cox

Technology Director

Driver Education

TeLisa Hill
TeLisa Hill

Driver Education Coordinator

Driver Ed
Neddy Compton

Administrative Assistant

Jennie Thompson
Jennie Thompson

Fleet Manager

Professional Learning

Laurie Ferry old headshot
Laurie Ferry

Professional Learning Director

Duke Lines headshot
Duke Lines

Innovation Learning Specialist

Susie Gardiner
Susie Gardiner

Programs Manager

Media Services Video Production

Paul Weller headshot
Paul Weller

Media Services Coordinator

Sam Baldwin headshot
Sam Baldwin

Media Services Producer

Cooperative Purchasing

Barney Summers headshot
Barney Summers



Kelly Taylor headshot
Kelly Taylor


Portable Planetariums

Chrissy Balack headshot
Christine Balak

CIESC External Programs Manager

Absence Management

Jennie Thompson
Jennie Thompson

Absence Management Coordinator

Facility Maintenance

David Tucker headshot
David Tucker

Maintenance and Deliveries

Information Technology

Scott Cox headshot
Scott Cox

Technology Director

Software Engineering

Tahir Ijaz headshot
Tahir Ijaz

Software Developer