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At Five Star Technology Solutions, our mission is to serve as a catalyst for innovation so school leaders can achieve their vision of excellence. We strive to harness  the power of technology through diverse, equitable, and inclusive experiences for all. Five Star empowers our K12 partners to transform teaching and learning, tell their stories through data, and keep their communities safe and efficient in an increasingly digital world.

Our team understands that no two schools are the same. That’s why we’ve worked to build a community of engineers, teachers, administrators, and Google Certified professionals with a variety of backgrounds to better serve the organizations we partner with. Whether you are a small rural school district with less than 1,000 students or a sprawling public school system with dozens of schools, Five Star Technology Solutions can help you find solutions that fit your budget and long-term technology plan.

Special Member Pricing

Five Star Service Retail price ESC of I member price
Cybersecurity: Multi-factor authentication Custom 5% off of SOW pricing
Cybersecurity: IT-Phishing Campaign Mitigation $2500 $2375
Cybersecurity: IT-VulnScan $2500 $2375
Professional Development: PD-CYBER001-T-SPPD-CYBER001-T-SP $30 per learner $25 per learner
Professional Development: PD-GCE001-O (Google Bootcamp Onsite)


$6500 $200 per attendee (no less than 20 attendees)
Professional Development:

GCE Pre-Bootcamp – Onsite

$6500 $6000

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