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ResoluteGuard, information security specialists, are committed to helping school districts assess their cybersecurity efforts and provide resources and solutions to strengthen their ability to prevent cyberattacks. School districts must have a plan with a strategy of continuously improving their cyber-security profile to meet today’s ever-evolving cyber security challenges. ResoluteGuard’s SMART-Cyber Action Plan™ aligns Your Executive Governance, Administrative and Technical Activities with Regulatory and Insurance Requirements. Districts will receive a SMART- Cyber Action Plan™ (SMART-CAP™) which measures and scores your cybersecurity efforts, including compliance with Cybersecurity Best Practices and Insurance requirements. ResoluteGuard will provide individual consultation, a comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment, analysis and resources to help bridge any identified cybersecurity gaps using Internal and External Network Scans to Support 3 Key Strategies 1) Validate Compliance with Insurance Requirements to Optimize Insurance Renewal Terms 2) Build your Response Readiness and Guidelines to Prevent an Incident From Becoming A Disaster 3) Implement the Solutions to Continuously Work toward NIST-CSF Compliance.

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