School Climate Audit

Increase Staff Retention with a School Climate Audit

It has never been more important to retain top talent, and climate is one of the most important aspects of any working environment. Great climates foster productivity, engagement, and positivity.

The climate of a school plays a critical role in how educators approach their work. It’s imperative for educators to feel engaged and excited about the work they’re doing. It’s also important for them to feel their school provides a positive and nurturing environment where staff and students thrive.

The measurement of school climate provides the necessary information and data to identify school needs, set goals, and track progress. School climate measurement is the first step toward school improvement and provides useful feedback for leadership to take action.

CIESC has created a climate audit process that includes one-on-one interviews and surveys for both certified and noncertified staff. School leaders select interview questions from a question bank to ensure that the audit focuses on the district’s priorities and individual questions are also tailored to the school’s needs. The interviews and survey responses are then curated into a report providing a comprehensive view of the school’s climate and recommendations based on the findings.

Our Climate Audit package includes:

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1:1 Onsite Interviews

We interview your staff to glean insights about your existing climate and where it can be improved. You select questions from a bank of pre-vetted options or add your own.

Take a look and reach out to our current executive coaches and mentors!

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Electronic Surveys

A certified staff survey is conducted based upon IDOE’s School Quality Review Teachers’ Survey to gather additional feedback. 

A non-certified staff survey is conducted based upon the factors that research has shown to impact employee retention to gather additional feedback.

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Comprehensive Audit Report

After we complete the interviews and surveys, you’ll receive a detailed audit report that includes a process summary, audit findings (delineated into certified and non certified staffing categories), and in-depth recommendations based on the audit findings.

Improve your school climate with a comprehensive audit that will give you actionable insights. Fill out the form below or contact Dr. Christy Hilton, Director of Partnerships and Administrative Supports, at or 317.986.2349 to get started or learn more.