Executive Coaching / Mentoring

Connecting Administrators

The CIESC Executive Coaching/Mentoring program is designed to connect a retired highly successful administrator with a current administrator to provide a high level of job-specific and socio-emotional support that will enhance that individual’s chances of having a long and successful administrative career.

Focused Mentoring

The demands of a central office or building-level administrator continue to increase, and no matter how prepared an educator might think he/she is for an administrative position, invariably once in the position individuals realize they would benefit from additional support. Although some districts may have an internal system in place to provide needed coaching/mentoring support, an outside mentor/coach may be a better fit because of availability and/or experience.

Choosing a Mentor

Step 1

The district member superintendent will contact the CIESC executive director to express interest and mutually determine the best coach/mentor for the individual receiving the coaching/mentoring.

Step 2

Once selected, the district superintendent will notify his/her administrator and the mentor will contact the mentee to arrange an initial meeting.

Step 3

A district will receive 48 hours of free coaching/mentoring service per year. If the district would like the coach/mentor relationship to continue beyond the initial complimentary hours, the district superintendent and CIESC executive director will agree on a specific number of hours at $55 dollar per hour.


A key component of a successful coach/mentor relationship is confidentiality. All communication between the coach/mentor and the mentee will be confidential, unless the mentee agrees to disclose information shared during the coaching relationship with the district’s superintendent.

What Our Districts Are Saying

Dr. Jake Allen
Mooresville Consolidated
Associate Superintendent

Through the executive mentor program, I am able to process the demands of my leadership position not only through my personal lens, but through the experience and expertise of my mentor, as well. With complete confidentiality and trust, I am able seek advice and guidance from my mentor in order to address complicated tasks and challenges with more resources than what I possess on my own. This program has fundamentally improved me as a leader and has given me confidence and wisdom beyond my years of experience.

Dr. Derek Arrowood
Hamilton Heights

Hamilton Heights School Corporation has been actively involved in the CIESC Administrative Mentoring Program since the beginning. This program has made our team stronger by allowing them to have professional conversations with leaders that have been there and done that. The strength of this program is the relationships that are generated with HHSC team members who want to better serve students working with CIESC mentors that want to help them achieve their goals.

Mr. Mike McKinney
Westfield Intermediate School
Assistant Principal

Having a mentor has been an integral part of my personal and professional growth. It has helped me stay focused on what is important; supporting my staff, my students and my school community and has been more impactful than any other professional development that I’ve been involved in. My mentor provides an outside perspective, accountability, and a champion in my corner that is there to help guide and support me without judgement. If you’re interested in continuing to reflect, learn and grow as a leader, I would strongly recommend having a mentor in your life.

Mrs. Laura Mattox
Franklin Community High School
Assistant Principal

Working with my mentor through CIESC has been the most beneficial thing for me professionally. I have been rated as a highly effective assistant principal for the past 6 years, but now I actually feel like I am being highly effective in my school setting. Taking time out of our busy schedules in administration is hard to do, but the impact this has had on me as a professional is well worth it.

Dr. Jack Parker
Mt. Vernon

Being a school administrator can be fun, engaging, energetic, and joyful. It can also be very lonely as many who we serve find the position(s) rather enigmatic. Even with the relatively few administrative colleagues in a school/district, there are times when one needs to have constructive conversations where we feel safe from judgment. Several administrators in Mt. Vernon receive support from CIESC administrative mentors. Having years of excellent leadership experiences and a desire to help others grow, the CIESC mentors provide leadership support and a friendly ear. I value the relationship I have with my own CIESC mentor. She has helped me find perspective and identify powerful leadership actions based on my needs at the time. We all need a mentor, and sometimes we need to seek them outside of our organization. CIESC has great administrative mentors!

Mr. Jarod Gatlin
Avon Community Schools
Elementary Principal

What would I do without my CIESC mentor? This partnership has afforded for me the opportunity to ask candid and “in-the-moment” questions. I can toss out many ways to solve a problem, and we can brainstorm together. The real luxury is that it’s even okay for me to say, “I have no idea what to do with this!” I have several colleagues that I can call upon for advice, but as a school principal, sometimes it’s nice to think “outside your district” and get a different lens on what’s happening. He has made me wiser and stronger — and definitely more reflective!

Mr. Ryan Morgan
Beech Grove City Schools
Middle School Principal

The CIESC mentoring program has been an absolute blessing for me in many ways. Having an experienced administrator has helped me process through difficult decisions and has provided another layer of support. We are all busy, and sometimes we allow time to be the deciding factor in our decision making. I find myself looking forward to each of our meetings no matter how busy my schedule gets. Our monthly meetings and check-ins help to recharge my battery and refresh my spirit. I am grateful for my mentor.

Mrs. Kyle Tutterow
Plainfield Community Middle School

The executive mentoring program is hands down the best professional development I have ever had. The sessions are meaningful, relevant, and personal. For me, the mentoring has been all about processing situations, experiences, and discussing pressing educational topics with a high level, trusted mentor who has the knowledge and wisdom to guide, lead, and support my growth as a leader. If you are looking to grow in the most authentic ways, look no further. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity to be coached and mentored by one of the best!

Scott M. Wyndham, Ed.D.
Avon Community School Corporation

The CIESC Executive Coaching/Mentoring program has had a significant impact on me personally and on our district. As a new Superintendent, I was able to benefit from the experience and wisdom of my mentor. I know I can call any of my colleagues for advice, but it was beneficial to have someone specifically charged with helping me grow and be successful in my position. My mentor provided a listening ear, asked questions, and offered different perspectives for me to consider as I was navigating challenging situations. We now partner mentors with administrators moving into their first administrative position in our district or their first principalship. In each situation, the partnership has been positive and just what our leaders needed. Being a school administrator has never been more challenging than it is today and the CIESC mentoring program has become a key support in our district for those transitioning into these important roles.

Julie Griffey
Hamilton Heights Elementary School

The CIESC mentorship program has provided me with a mentor who understands the pressure and joy of administration. My mentor serves as an outside perspective, coach, and friend. The mentorship program has helped me find balance, happiness, and confidence in both my personal and professional world. This program has in return grown my capacity to mentor teachers, staff, and other administrative colleagues. In my opinion, this kind of social-emotional support is a must have for administrators today.

Stephanie Cotter

The CIESC mentorship program has had an incredible influence on me both professionally and personally. My mentor brings with him many years of experience in administrative roles and is an incredible thought partner as I reflect on big decisions. I find myself looking forward to our meetings as it is a time that I am able to slow down and engage in reflective practice as well as share successes and hopes for the future. My mentor reminds me that at the end of the day we are all people and if we serve our staff, they can ultimately serve our students.

Heather Gant
Triton Central Elementary School

Mentorship has always been an essential component of my professional growth. As I’ve moved into new administrative positions, the value of mentorship has become even

more apparent. Having a CIESC mentor in my first year of principalship provided an outlet to openly share personal goals, struggles, and job-related scenarios. My mentor’s experience and objective input was the critical lens and collaboration I needed to feel confident in the work. Every session provided meaningful dialogue, reflection, and learning. Not to mention, CIESC has done an amazing job of recruiting only the best mentors with credentials any administrator would strive to possess and accomplish within their career. Don’t hesitate to get a CIESC mentor. Best advice I could give any administrator at any level and regardless of where they are in their career.

Our Mentors

Kevin - Use this one

Kevin Caress

  • B.S. and Ph.D. Indiana University, M.S. Purdue University
  • High School Spanish teacher/coach (rural and suburban
  • Superintendent Flat-Rock Hawcreek, Frankfort,
  • Executive Director CIESC (retired 2019)
51. Stan Good Round

Stan Good

  • B.S. Bluffton University (Ohio), M.S. Indiana University
  • Elementary teacher and principal
  • Middle School Principal
  • Alternative High School Principal
  • First mentor for CIESC serving a dozen Indiana districts

Maggie Hoernemann

  • Ph.D. Purdue University, M.S. Roosevelt Chicago, B.S.
    Miami of Ohio
  • Certificate University of Dijon, France
  • High School French/Spanish teacher
  • High School, Middle School, Elementary School
    administrator (suburban Chicago, rural IN)
  • Director of Human Resources, Associate Superintendent, Superintendent
    Avon Community Schools (retired 2020)

Chad Hudson

  • B.S. Indiana University, Dual M.S. programs Indiana
  • Wesleyan & Indiana University
  • Middle School Science teacher/coach (Southern Hancock
    and Warren Township)
  • Administrator Hamilton Southeastern Schools
  • Chief Academic Officer, Alternative/Charter Programs
  • State/National consultant virtual school programs

Mike Whitman

  • Elementary Principal, Director of Human Resources for Avon Community Schools (retired)
  • Elementary School, Middle School, University Teacher, Mentor, Consultant
  • Founding Principal of Avon Elementary School
  • Doctorate Degree in Curriculum/Instruction from Purdue

Kent DeKoninck

  • Ph.D. Indiana State University
  • B.S. IPFW
  • Superintendent Greenwood Community School Corporation (retired 2021)
  • Associate Superintendent, Avon Community School Corporation
  • Personnel Director, Perry Township Schools
  • Middle School Principal, Perry Township Schools and Carmel-Clay Schools

Cheri O’Day Marcotte

  • Ed.S.–Indiana State University, M.S.- Butler University, B.S.-Indiana University
  • Elementary Teaching Experience – Indianapolis Public Schools
  • Assistant Principal –MSD of Lawrence Township
  • Assistant Principal, Principal, Director of Communications, Director of Elementary Schools, and Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools–MSD of Wayne Township (Retiring June 2021)
  • Wayne Women’s Leadership Group Founder and Facilitator (10 years)

John Taylor

  • Ed.s. Indiana State University, M.S. Butler University, B.S. St. Joseph’s College
  • Adjunct Professor, University of Indianapolis
  • Middle School/High School Principal, Assistant Superintendent MSD Wayne Township (retired 2021)
  • High School Assistant Principal Decatur Central High School
  • Middle School Principal Decatur Central High School
  • High School Economics Instructor

Dr. Brenda Wolfe

  • Ed.D. Indiana University, M.S. and B.S. Ball State University
  • Elementary Teaching Experience
  • Preschool Special Education Coordinator – Indianapolis Public Schools
  • Elementary Assistant Principal – MSD Washington Township
  • Elementary Principal – MSD Decatur and Lawrence Township, School Town of Speedway   (Retiring June 2022)
  • Background in Early Childhood Education and School Reform

Dr. Brian Dinkins

  • Ed. D. & Ed. S. Ball State University, B.S. Butler University, M.A.T. Oakland City University, B.A. Purdue University
  • Assistant Professor & Director of Experiential Program for Preparing School Principals (EPPSP) – Butler University
  • District Culture, Climate, and SEL Coordinator – Indianapolis Public Schools
  • High School Principal – Indianapolis Public Schools & Providence Cristo Rey High School
  • Elementary Principal – (2) Indianapolis Charter Schools
  • National Education Consultant and Keynote Speaker

Marsha Reynolds

  • B.S. Indiana University
  • M.S. Butler University
  • Elementary Principal – Indianapolis Public Schools, MSD of Lawrence Township, Anderson Community Schools
  • Elementary Principal – MSD of Washington Township
  • Director of Elementary Education – MSD of Washington Township
  • Consultant Indiana Youth Institute

Dr. Beth Niedermeyer

  • Ph.D. Purdue University
  • MS and BS Indiana Purdue University Fort Wayne
  • Superintendent – Noblesville Schools (Retired 2022)
  • Assistant Superintendent – Hamilton Southeastern Schools
  • Assistant Superintendent – MSD of Pike Township
  • Director of Elementary Ed and Elementary principal – MSD of Pike Township
  • Elementary principal and teacher – Fort Wayne Community Schools

Dr. Maryanne McMahon

  • Ph.D. Indiana State University
  • Administration Certification, Butler University
  • B.S. Indiana State University
  • Assistant Superintendent Avon Community School Corporation (retired 2019)
  • Director of Education, Avon Community School Corporation
  • Elementary Principal, Avon Community School Corporation
  • Staff Development Consultant, Decatur Township Schools

Jenny Froehle

  • B.S. Education, Indiana University and M.S. School Administration, Indiana University
  • Middle School language arts teacher/instructional coach
  • Middle School assistant principal/principal (MSD Pike Township)
  • Butler University College of Education faculty
  • Elementary School assistant principal and district administrator for special projects (Zionsville Community Schools)
  • Chief Academic Officer (Zionsville Community Schools) (retired 2017)
  • State/Regional Consultant (Standard for Success, Indiana Youth Institute, private clients)
  • Board of Directors, Firefly Children and Family Alliance (formerly Children’s Bureau of Indiana)

Scott Robison

  • B.S and M.S. – Indiana University; Ph.D. – Purdue University
  • Middle and elementary teacher and principal in diverse city and suburban settings
  • K-12 curriculum and professional development director in central office
  • Growing suburban school district chief financial officer
  • K-12 superintendent in rural (Sheridan-1.5 yrs.) and large suburban (Zionsville-16.5 yrs.) schools (ret. 2023)
  • Various community boards, commissions, and advisory panels

Stephanie Bode

  • Administration Certification, Butler University (EPPSP Group 13)
  • M.T. and B.A., University of Virginia
  • Interim Elementary Assistant Principal, Brownsburg Community School School Corporation
  • High School Assistant Principal, Avon and Brownsburg Community School Corporations
  • Middle and high school social studies teacher, Avon and Brownsburg Community School Corporations

Bernie Campbell

  • B.S. and M.A. Ball State University
  • Business Teacher
  • Assistant Principal Principal Mt. Vernon High School

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