The Science of Learning: Better Test Scores AND Better Thinkers

A special presentation and workshop for Indiana educators on the science of learning will explore how assessing and developing students’ cognitive skills has resulted in dramatically improved test scores and students who self-regulate more effectively and think more critically.

This presentation will delve into the science of learning and how it is helping boost academic achievement, self-confidence, behavior and even athletic performance.


3500 Depauw Blvd. Suite 2020
Indianapolis, IN 46268

AGENDA for November 1, 2023

  • Registration: 8:30am-9am EST
  • Presentation: 9am-12pm EST
  • Lunch: 12pm-1pm EST

The Science of Learning

  • How Learning Happens – What Most Educators Don’t Know (that Is Holding Students Back)
  • The Skills that Account for 50% of the Variance in Academic Outcomes
  • The Role of Executive Functions in Academic Achievement and Behavior
  • Intelligence Isn’t Fixed and What that Means for Your Students
  • How Helping Students Improve Their Cognitive Skills Makes Teaching Easier and More Effective

Case Study (Gregg Goewert, Principal, Urey Middle School / Tom Hughes, Principal, Maple Crest STEM Middle School)

  • Implementation of Cognitive Assessment and Cognitive Training Program
  • Impact on ILEARN Scores and Disciplinary Actions
  • Considerations for Elementary, Middle and High School Levels
  • Cost – Special ESC pricing in Indiana

Cognitive Skills Workshop

  • Discussion of students’ cognitive profiles
  • What it means and what you can do now that you know

Mindprint cognitive assessment

In order to make the cognitive skills workshop truly hands-on and meaningful, registrants will have the opportunity to have one of their own children (or grandchildren), aged 8 and up, take a scientifically valid, nationally normed cognitive assessment called Mindprint. If you would prefer to use this opportunity with a student in your school, please feel free to do so.

To take advantage of this offer, please use the following link form to provide the information required for your children/students to be set up to take the assessment. Information must be provided no later than 10 days prior to the presentation date.

Your Child Learns Differently, Now What?

Presentation attendees will receive a copy of the newly released book “Your Child Learns Differently, Now What?”.

“I have seen happy children reach their full potential no matter what their learning difficulties. I offer my congratulations to Stark and Hill for tackling such a difficult issue in this book and for what they have done for children everywhere.”

Dr. Patricia Wolfe, author of Brain Matters

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Registration is FREE (includes Your Child Learns Differently, Now What? book and lunch)

Registration closes 5:00PM EST on Friday, October 13th.

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