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Membership in the Central Indiana Educational Service Center (CIESC) provides Indiana school districts valuable benefits and opportunities that translate to substantial savings for Indiana member school districts.

When you are a member of CIESC you gain comprehensive access to benefits from each of our services and programs. Our full range of resources means you will likely find a CIESC service to complement each of your district’s needs.

Not only does membership come with monetary savings, but your school will also receive learning opportunities, consultation with experts in their respective fields, and so much more. The resources that you can utilize through CIESC allows schools to offer more, administrators to operate smoothly, and teachers to positively impact their students’ education.

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Application for CIESC membership is available to school corporations, as well as private and charter school systems located in the Indianapolis area which have a shared border with an existent CIESC district member. A one-time entry fee plus an annual membership fee (based on a district’s enrollment) will be charged upon approval for membership.

If your district might be interested in membership with CIESC, please have your superintendent contact Dr. Andrew Melin, Executive Director, at 317-759-5547 or for further details and check out our current members.

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