We’re thrilled to welcome your school district as a member of CIESC! We are committed to innovative programs and exceptional service enhancing academic achievement and operational efficiencies. 

With your membership, you have access to the comprehensive benefits CIESC provides. From professional learning opportunities to supplemental online high school courses to the purchasing advantage of statewide negotiated contracts—the benefits of membership are wide-reaching.

Take a look at the services below to see how you can take advantage of CIESC benefits for:

Professional Learning
Cost Savings
Promotion opportunities
Operational Efficiencies
Offerings for your Students

The resources that you can utilize through CIESC allows schools to offer more, administrators to operate smoothly, and teachers to positively impact their students’ education.

We are committed to support and serve you. Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us.

Professional Learning Opportunities

Keep Indiana Learning

Keep Indiana Learning provides Indiana educators with an empowering and collaborative network that will transform teaching and learning resulting in relevant, engaging, and equitable learning opportunities for all Indiana students.

Counselor Connect

CIESC’s Counselor Connect is a suite of services, resources, and activities offered to districts that foster a community of practice for student service professionals.

Operational Efficiency

Absence Management

Our staff can help report and fill teacher absences.

Compliance Training

Our training videos are Indiana specific and customized for classrooms.

Cooperative Programs

Let Coop Purchasing help you lower your selling cost and successfully bid products and services in a wide range of areas.

Media Services

CIESC’s Media Services helps make your stories come to life. We are passionate about connecting you to your audience with powerful video content.

Offerings for Your Students

Driver Education

CIESC’s Driver Education program provides high-quality driver education to the largest number of Indiana students at the most affordable price.

Indiana Online

Largest supplemental high school course provider in the state offering year-round & summer courses. Inspired by Innovation.


Bring the stars to life, with our portable, digital planetariums.

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