Non-Member Fee for Service

About CIESC Non-Member Fee for Service

Membership in the Central Indiana Educational Service Center (CIESC) provides Indiana school districts valuable benefits and opportunities that translate to substantial savings for member school districts. When you are a member of CIESC you gain comprehensive access to benefits from each of our services and programs. Our full range of resources means you will likely find a CIESC service to complement each of your district’s needs. Districts that do not wish to become a CIESC member, but still want to utilize the CIESC services, can do so by using our Non-Member Fee for Service pricing option!

Savings and Resources

Not only does membership come with monetary savings, but your school will also receive learning opportunities, consultation with experts in their respective fields, and so much more. The resources that you can utilize through CIESC allows schools to offer more, administrators to operate smoothly, and teachers to positively impact their students’ education. On average, members realize an ROI of nearly $105,000 annually.

Administrative Supports

  • Absence Management Usage – 5% off new Frontline or Red Rover products
  • Executive Coaching/Mentoring – $100/hour plus mileage
  • Digitarium – $5 fee per student

School Climate Audit Proposal Cost Non ESC Member Districts

Item Cost
Onsite Interviewers $600/person/day X n days
Mileage at IRS Rate of  0.655 per mile 1 @ m/day X n days

1 @ m/day X n days

Lodging 2 @ rate X n days
Audit Report Preparation $600/day X 2-4 days

Cooperative Purchasing/Child Nutrition/Partnerships

Fee for service contract would give non-member districts access to Cooperative Purchasing and Vendor Partnership Contracts with the exception of specific contracts for our child nutrition cooperative.

Under 1,000 $1,750/year

Keep Indiana Learning (Professional Development)

As part of the contract for Fee for Service, the District/School would be eligible to receive the ESC discount pricing for Professional Learning services at their school/district site and ESC discount pricing for CIESC workshops and digital events as listed on the registration pages. Based on this full 23-24 Professional Learning Pricing Schedule.

Indiana Online

As part of the contract for Fee for Service, the District/School would be eligible to receive the ESC discount pricing as outlined in our Internal Pricing Document.

Media Services

Video Production Non-Member
Starting at $150/person/hour (4 hr min) + travel


Public Relations Non-Member


Compliance Training Non ESC Member Cost
Single Video $199/year
Full Package $599/year