2020-2021 Impact Report: Committed to Support & Serve

CIESC Impact Report | 2020-21

The 2020-2021 school year was perhaps one of the most challenging years in history. The COVID-19 pandemic brought forth the need for educators to be extremely flexible in their instructional delivery system. Sometimes the greatest test of character comes in the face of great adversity. Indiana educators and students demonstrated exceptional character in 2021 and it was an honor for CIESC to “support and serve”.

The impact of the pandemic enhanced CIESC’s innovative spirit. It forced a re-evaluated of CIESC’s operations and resulted in many new innovative programs and services. Amongst constant change and more than a few unknowns, CIESC continued to support and serve our member schools and districts in 2020-2021 in new and creative ways.

Our free and at-cost educational programs allow organizations to function at the lowest possible cost while maintaining the highest possible quality. The CIESC 2020-2021 Impact Report reflects organizational accomplishments over the course of the academic year. See how CIESC supported and served our members in our 2020-2021 Impact Report.

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