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Built on the Science of Reading and Learning, Amplify Reading is a student-driven digital literacy program that provides students in grades K–5 with personalized practice and explicit instruction in the underlying phonics, phonological awareness, vocabulary, and comprehension skills essential for fluent reading and strong comprehension. Its research-based, standards-aligned curriculum engages and motivates students through a variety of mini-games and activities, each focusing on building proficiency in foundational reading and comprehension skills while providing opportunities to apply those skills in increasingly complex texts. Rich reporting for administrators and teachers, Amplify Reading empowers teachers to tailor their instruction using data and frees up teachers to work with small groups or individual students.

With just 30 minutes a week, Amplify Reading increases the number of students on track for reading success! Based on a research study meeting the Every Student Succeeds Act’s Tier 2 Moderate Evidence, across all grades, Amplify Reading students outperformed non-Amplify Reading students on the DIBELS 8th Edition End of Year benchmark assessment after using the program during the 2020–21 school year. Amplify Reading students made significantly greater gains and were more likely to be at benchmark at the end of the year.

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