What Is an Educational Service Center?

Indiana Educational Service Centers

Indiana Educational Service Centers (ESC) have grown significantly during the past few years, creating new educational service center jobs that afford people the opportunity to give back to the community. The importance of an ESC cannot be overstated, and their list of educational services has grown significantly. Now, there are numerous organizations working hard to make sure kids have access to the resources, opportunities, and instructors they need to grow and develop with a well-rounded education. 


With numerous opportunities available, it is critical for everyone to familiarize themselves with some of the available resources. Plenty of generous, committed nonprofit organizations are out there, ensuring educators have what they need to do the hard work that our society needs. Here are some examples of organizations that have stepped up.

Central Indiana Educational Service Center

The Central Indiana Educational Service Center (CIESC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing free and at-cost educational programs and services throughout Central Indiana and beyond. Last year it served over 180 schools and organizations to provide a better educational experience to over 150,000 children. The organization is consistently looking for ways to expand its operations, serve more schools in the local area, and make sure children have the resources they need to develop skills that will serve them well as they progress through their education and become strong young adults.

CIESC offers numerous types of educational services and has established partnerships to expand the list of educational services available. With comprehensive services, the organization allows schools and districts to function at the lowest possible cost while maintaining the highest possible quality. CIESC programs include a number of collaborative ventures with other organizations and nonprofits to improve the learning process. 

CIESC is committed to innovative service-enhancing programs and operational efficiencies. We adopt a culture of continuous improvement to make sure not to overlook anything as we try to meet the needs of our member schools and districts

CIESC has grown significantly during the past few years, creating new educational service center jobs that give people the opportunity to give back to the community. We are proud to be one of the best Indiana educational service centers in the area, and we will continue to lead the way

Indiana Online

Indiana Online (IO), a department of CIESC, is an accredited online education platform that provides year-round and summer courses while promoting learning advancement throughout Indiana with synchronous and asynchronous teaching. The high-tech environment provides frequent, personalized contact between students and highly qualified, licensed teachers. Our courses offer academic challenges for each student using various teaching strategies to motivate them to master standards successfully.

All courses offered by Indiana Online are developed and taught by Indiana licensed teachers, each instructing within his or her content area. Each course is designed to meet the Indiana State Standards, accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancED), and approved by the NCAA. This is critical for students when they leave the program and want to get credit elsewhere or apply for graduation. The College Board has also approved our Advanced Placement courses. 

As the largest online supplemental high school course provider in the state, Indiana Online partners with over 300 high schools statewide. IO is a trusted resource and choice educational partner for students, parents, administrators, educators, and counselors. We provide innovative learning experiences for our students and teachers. It is our goal to continue to lead the way into the future, always advocating for children’s best interests.

Keep Indiana Learning

Keep Indiana Learning (KInL) provides Indiana educators with an empowering and collaborative network that will transform teaching and learning resulting in relevant, engaging, and equitable learning opportunities for all students. It is important for teachers to take steps to continue to learn from other educators. By learning from others who are already in the field, it is possible for teachers and administrators to build on the skillset they already have while improving their weaknesses to better serve their students. That is exactly the goal Keep Indiana Learning works toward. With access to a comprehensive network, educators will have the opportunity to share their information with others and help newer teachers in the state build the skills they need to become strong advocates for children.

KInL is supported by educational stakeholders across the state. CIESC launched KInL in 2020 as another of its innovative programs and services that enhance academic achievement. Now, it has become one of the top resources available for teachers at all levels.

The Keep Indiana Learning community creates a space where educators can connect and learn from peers. It’s a learning experience by Indiana educators, for Indiana educators. The community has adopted a culture of continuous improvement to make sure that all teachers have access to the resources they need to become strong advocates for their students.

Indiana Driver Education

Driver Education is a critical part of teenagers’ learning experience in the state, and many view it as a rite of passage. At CIESC DriverEd Safety, our program offers a 30-hour course–either in-person or online–and 6-hour behind-the-wheel training. Every aspect of the education provided by the CIESC Driver Education program complies with the guidelines and standards defined by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Our goal is to make sure that children learn what they need to do to operate a motor vehicle safely. This is a critical part of their independence, and it is also important to keep kids, families, and other drivers safe.

A major objective of the CIESC Driver Education program is to provide high-quality driver education and traffic safety programs to the largest number of Indiana students. Our cost-effective program helps students develop defensive driving skills and behavioral patterns to maximize driver and passenger safety throughout the state of Indiana. We use the information provided by the DMV to figure out the most common causes of accidents. Then, we use this information to structure our classes to teach children how to drive safely, reducing the number of accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

Media Services

CIESC’s Media Services help make your stories come to life. We are passionate about connecting you to your audience with powerful video content. We offer world-class, award-winning video production focused on communities. Let us develop a focused strategy and provide professional production and engaging editing.

Media Services can provide video production services for any event or need! Our talented videographers will arrive on location with all equipment and ensure your video captures and highlight your event perfectly. The department also offers compliance training videos that are Indiana-specific, concise, and customized for the classrooms. Gain access for your entire district/organization for one flat rate with CIESC Compliance Training.

Cooperative Purchasing

Coop Purchasing helps you lower your selling cost and successfully bid products and services in a wide range of areas. The K12Indiana e-procurement portal offers schools an easy and efficient one-stop shop for necessary technology, classroom, and office supplies. The online catalogs offer products such as furniture, library supplies, A.V. supplies and equipment, janitorial products, and so much more. You can also integrate financials to save even more time. Our cooperative purchasing agreement services bring cooperative buying power together to help you with bids, RFPs, and more.

With cooperation from school bus vendors, CIESC designed a web-based bus purchasing program that allows all Indiana school districts to take advantage of group purchasing, regardless of the size of their order. A district ordering one bus gets the same price as a district ordering 20 buses. This program will save you time when ordering new buses.

A Comprehensive Education Program in the State of Indiana

These are just a few of the many resources available to those looking for a way to bolster their school or district in Central Indiana. Everyone has a slightly different path, and it is important for teachers, parents, and students to tailor the educational experience to meet their needs. Everyone is looking for ways to give educators access to the resources they need, and CIESC is here to provide them. 

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